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Liquor Specials

Imported Beer, Domestic Beer, Microbrew Beer, Kegs, Wines, Liquors

Come in to see the rest of our liquor specials!

Must be 21 or older to purchase alcoholic items

Per Bottle

1.75L Bacardi Light Rum | $18.99

1.75L Smirnoff Vodka | $18.99

Barefoot Wines 1.5L (Assorted Flavors) | $9.99

Woodbridge 1.5L (Assorted Flavors) | $10.99

Yellow Tail 1.5L (Assorted Wines) | $9.99

Bargain Bin Wines | $4.99

Per Case 12oz Cans

Bud or Bud Light 30pk 

Miller Lite 30pk 

Coors Light 30pk 

Keystone Light 30pk 

Tim Smith Moonshine. This stuff is hard to get. Come get some while it lasts.